Prayers for World Environment Day

This week, as we celebrate World Environment Day (5 June), we invite you to pray for communities in poverty grappling with the effects of climate change and environmental instability. You may like to pray around the dinner table with friends or family as you also say thanks for your own food.

● Below are some prayers for some of the countries in the world where our partners are working.

● At each mealtime, choose a different country to pray for. When you pray to thank God for your food, take a moment to pray for that country too, and that everyone living there who needs food will be able to access it.

You may like to begin the week with this overarching prayer:

Lord, the scale of global poverty and hunger is beyond our understanding.

Give bread to those who are hungry and a hunger for justice for those of who have bread.

Grant us the faith and persistence to sow seeds of righteousness that might take years or even generations to bear fruit.


Prayers for World Environment Day


For Cambodian farmers already living in poverty, increasingly unpredictable weather patterns are yet another burden to bear. This is certainly the case with Preap Tee and her community. Having struggled for years to provide enough food for her three children on their small farm, the increasingly unpredictable weather has made their situation even more precarious.

With the support of TEAR’s partner PNKS, Preap Tee and other community members have learned valuable farming techniques to adapt to their changed environment and provide food for her family.

Prayer: We give thanks for PNKS and the valuable work they are doing. We pray for Preap Tee and her community, for their strength and tenacity.


In India, our long-term partner EFICOR is working with communities facing poverty, training them in farming techniques so they can grow enough to feed their families and make an income. But only in the last few years have they been forced to introduce a new element to their work – climate change adaptation.

Prayer: Please give thanks for EFICOR’s work and for the communities they are working with. God, may you continue to give them hope and the ability to adapt to their changing environment so that they can continue to have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive.

Prayers for World Environment Day

In India, our partner EFICOR is working with communities facing the effects of climate change.


Near the Indian border, one of TEAR’s partners, Partnership for New Life is working for change. PNL comes alongside small-scale farmers, especially women, who are dealing with the adverse effects of a changing climate on their ability to grow food. Increased occurrences of flooding and unpredictable weather events mean farmers must learn techniques to adapt to their new circumstances if they are to survive.

When Sitabi and her husband lost their rice crop to flooding, they were able to rebuild thanks to PNL. Through her PNL Self-Help Group, Sitabi accessed both the know-how and the credit to start a new crop - vegetables. Now their pumpkins and other vegetables are not only feeding their own family, but there’s enough to sell at the local market. What they earn is being invested in the next generation - paying their grandchildren’s school fees.

Prayer: We give thanks for the life-giving work of TEAR’s partners like PNL, and the resilience of the communities they are working with. We give thanks that Sitabi and her husband have been able to adapt and thrive in challenging circumstances, through the support of PNL.


This is a country that is increasingly hit by natural disasters such as flooding and drought which make it harder to grow food successfully. This makes already vulnerable communities even more at risk of hunger.

Prayer: Ask God to bless the work of TEAR partners in Bangladesh, including  the Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development (BASD) who are working with communities to raise awareness of climate change and empower them to be better prepared when disaster hits.


North Darfur in Sudan faces many challenges, including conflict, basic infrastructure and limited availability of water. Erratic weather patterns also have an impact on food security is significant. Traditional farming methods have put pressure on land, and soil has become depleted, affecting crop yields. The most vulnerable families have very limited resilience. Here in this difficult place, our partner ZOA are working with communities to address these issues and build their skills and resilience.

Prayer: Lord, we pray for the country and the people of Sudan. We pray for peace, we pray for resilience and we give thanks for our partner ZOA who is working to bring hope. Please enable the communities here to improve their food security and find a way forward.


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