Pray for the Rohingya refugees

On 25 August, violence in Northern Rakhine State, Myanmar, intensified sparking new flows of internally displaced people and refugees into Bangladesh.

TEAR Australia has launched the Rohingya Refugee Response to raise money to support the critical humanitarian needs of displaced Rohingya people in Bangladesh.

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Exact numbers of displaced people are unknown and hard to determine, but unverified estimates are that over 370,000 people have crossed the border into Bangladesh. And more are coming every day. Urgent needs include food, water, sanitation, shelter, medical and trauma care.

‘In Bangladesh the government is open to accept the Rohingya refugees but they face a challenge to host them for a long time,’ says Jacob Sarker, Tearfund’s Country Representative for Bangladesh. ‘There is the possibility of epidemic outbreaks in the absence of water and sanitation facilities.’

From the Myanmar side Alison Fernandes, Tearfund’s Country Representative for Myanmar explains, ‘Whilst we have partners working, or interested in working in the affected areas, access is restricted and the government has stated that it is taking responsibility for relief efforts.’

The refugees continue to flood across the border and their future remains fragile and uncertain.

Please pray

  • Pray for an end to the violence that is happening in Rakhine State. And pray for the peacebuilding work that Tearfund is doing in Myanmar, which is addressing in a small way some of the causes of violence and conflict.
  • Please pray that aid will get through to those refugees and displaced people most in need, and for the Bangladesh government as they seek to ensure humanitarian support for the Rohingya refugees.
  • Also pray for TEAR Australia as we make plans for a response in conjunction with our partners.
Pray for the Rohingya refugees


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