DJ Dreams


He’s may not have the Instagram following of Kanye, but Kanaye from Agra in India is making a name for himself in his local community as a great wedding DJ!

In India’s flourishing wedding industry, DJs are popular to keep the guests happy and dancing into the night. It’s a good job, particularly suited to someone with limited mobility. With a simple modified bike, Kanaye can get to gigs, and carry his rented equipment. 

Dreams of doing this full-time are still in formation, but are taking shape thanks to TEAR’s partner, the Emmanuel Hospital Association. Through one of their men’s groups, Kanaye was connected with both a job and a decent bike. 

The job’s in a factory, but it’s enabling him to earn the money to buy the DJ equipment and set himself up for his dream job. And through hard work and dedication, he can become a regular  wedding DJ.

DJ Dreams

At TEAR, we believe that God has created everyone in his image. Yet many people around the globe don’t have the opportunity for their true beauty, gifts and skills to shine. They’re held back by poverty, marginalisation and injustice.

Would you like to help people like Kanaye unlock skills and abilities that are often hidden by poverty? Give to TEAR Australia’s End of Year Appeal. 

Your gift will be used by TEAR and our partners to fund projects that help people earn an income, strengthen their community and take steps out of poverty. 



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