Christmas reflections from our partners

This year, we’ve invited a range of TEAR friends – including our overseas partners  - to share their thoughts on Christmas. 

Here is a small collection of reflections from some of our partners. We hope you enjoy reading what Christmas means to them.

Patricia Kennedy, Educator and Mentor with one of TEAR’s local partners in the Solomon Islands

“To me Christmas is all about coming together as families and do things together like; singing (carol songs), feasting, remembering the birth of Lord Jesus Christ through dramas and dancing. Personally, for me, it is a time to reflect on my faith journey with the Lord

Christmas is all about reflecting about the birth of our saviour Lord Jesus Christ. Who brought our salvation and free us from bondage of sins, so it is same as the message of justice where mercy for the whole human race comes in.”   

Christmas reflections from our partners

A well project run by our partner the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church 

Chomno In, CEO, Cambodia Hope Organisation (TEAR’s partner), Cambodia

Christmas is a time of celebration and thanksgiving, a time where friends and family come together to sing praises, worship and thank God for sending His son to save us from our sins and created a home for each and everyone of us in Heaven if we chose to trust and follow Him.

God’s love is just and His kindness knows no boundaries. Celebrating Christmas is a reminder that we as the children of God should take Jesus as an example and love and treat everyone equally no matter who they are or how they have treated you because our father created everyone the same. 

Christmas reflections from our partners

A teacher being trained as part of a project by CHO.

Dr Sunita Varghese, Director of Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA’s) Community Health Program in Fatehpur, India

Here at EHA, we look forward to the Christmas season. This year, I’ve been reflecting on the shepherds out at night and the angels bringing them an amazing message. It just reminds me of how God has an eye on the poor, on the people who are out working hard and who are seen as insignificant in the world. God took his big, mega news out to them, not just in a tiny way but with a whole host of angels in such a spectacular way. God revealed the amazing joy of Christmas to an unseen group of people and I think I find that very significant. It connects with what I feel is the whole message of Christ in taking his gospel to the poor, to those who are disabled and struggling, to those who are brokenhearted.

This is a beautiful aspect of the Christmas story. Those shepherds must have been such special people to Him, for him to put up such a spectacular performance. He could have done it to the whole world but he chose to reveal himself to the shepherds. 

Christmas reflections from our partners

Dr Sunita Varghese from Emmanuel Hospital Association

William from our local partner in Malaita, Solomon Islands

Christmas is a season of celebration with peace, love and care through the grace of our newborn king with the sense of belonging to our families. 

Simon Haile Maiko, Commissioner, Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission (TEAR’s partner), Ethiopia

For me, Christmas is the beginning where life started to make sense for humankind. It is a birth of the church in the world and it’s the most impeccable gift that anyone could ever ask for. Christ manifested how much we mean to Him stepping all the way down to our context and even died for us. He taught us humility by being born in a stable and accompanying the vulnerable. We learnt inclusiveness from His services and understood that we are called to serve and not to be served. Humbling ourselves and supporting the most disadvantaged people is what we are trying to achieve as a church in this world. In conclusion, Christmas is a new beginning.

Christmas reflections from our partners

A woman collects safe water from a well - part of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church's work in local communities. 

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