A mother’s heart

This Mother's Day, we're celebrating resilient, courageous and inspiring mothers around the world. Like Panawan from Laos! A dedicated mother to her infant daughter, she's now helping women in her local community and their babies have a safer birthing experience. 
This issue is especially close to Panawan's heart, as she and her husband previously lost four boys in infancy. Sadly, losing children at birth is not uncommon for families in rural southern Laos, due to a lack of basic knowledge and safe birthing environment. 

Through the support of TEAR's partner World Concern Laos, Panawan and other local mums like her are training as Traditional Birthing Attendants (TBAs). TBAs, who usually work in pairs, are called in early labour, and then stay in or near the family home until the birth. 

TBAs also share safe messages about safe pregnancy and birth and provide antenatal care and advice on issues like breastfeeding.

Panawan is determined to raise a thriving and healthy little girl - and support others in her community to improve their health and that of their children.
This Mother's Day, be a part of life-giving long-term transformation that supports amazing women like Panawan support other mothers in their communities through pregnancy and childbirth and gives their babies a safer start to life.
Give the gift of Maternal + Child Health

A mother’s heart

Australian aid

This project has received support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).


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