Cold sponge baths and 15 meals of kale: Living On One Planet!

A tangible expression of Jesus’s call to love our neighbour is for us to consider how our lifestyle contributes to a just world.

Our Live On One Planet challenge, (LOOP) happening again this year from 30 Oct - 3 November, is an invitation to do exactly this. As part of the challenge, participants live on one powerpoint, one tap or one recipe for five days and raise money for TEAR projects.

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LOOP is built on the realisation that if everyone lived like an Australian, it would take more than three planets to sustain us. We're challenging Australians to reduce some of life's conveniences for a week and raise money for people who live without these conveniences every single day. We hope that we can start a journey towards a more sustainable planet, where everyone has the opportunity to reach their God-given potential. 

We loved hearing how our supporters took on the challenge last year: cold bucket showers, eating recipes on repeat and washing dishes in the shower. Read about three of our amazing LOOPers and the lengths they were prepared to go to so they could Live On One Planet for five days! 

Eating kale and lentils 15 times in a row!  – Zara Vaccari and Simon Cook, Victoria

One recipe, three times per day, over five days. It sounds easy enough, but for Zara and Simon, passionate foodies, the lack of variety was a real challenge while doing their chosen LOOP option. Plus, it involved eating lentils and kale 15 times in a row – enough to test anyone beyond their limits! 

The couple’s chosen meal was sautéed mushrooms and kale on a brown rice, quinoa amd puy lentil mix, served with a tomato salsa and yoghurt dressing. Yes, sounds absolutely delicious, but it did take its toll on the pair.  

Zara says: “By the end of LOOP our super food meal was not looking so super anymore! But, it was a great time to reflect on a variety of things including our own food habits, the food system and how we so easily take our food for granted.”

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Cold sponge baths and 15 meals of kale: Living On One Planet!

Zara and Simon's "superfoods" recipe of kale and lentils wasn't so super after five days!

Extension leads and cold lunches – Lorinda Ginn, SA

Hats off to intrepid LOOPer Lorinda Ginn from Adelaide, who tackled the Live On One Powerpoint option, arguably the trickiest of the three!

So, how did she go? Lorinda says: “I winged it, and I got caught out. I should have had a plan. There were things that I wanted to eat, but couldn't because my power point was already being used. I had two assignments due for uni and use a desktop computer, so I couldn't work off a charged laptop while using the power point for something else (like heating leftover food for lunch). During the challenge I used an extension lead to make the power point accessible for my electrical requirements.

Lorinda says doing LOOP helped her reflect on our lifestyle in Australia: “It helped me to realise that I experience luxuries (for that is what they are, not necessities) that many others don't get and often I don't even see the cost, let alone comprehend the effects of the indulgent lifestyle I've become accustomed to. To have the electrical conveniences I've come to rely on be taken away was a real nuisance, but not impossible.”

Cold sponge baths and 15 meals of kale: Living On One Planet!

Lorinda took the challenge to live on one powerpoint for 5 days. Uni assignment done while eating a cold lunch! 

Taping up all the “illegal” taps! – The Hansen family, Melbourne

When Ann Hansen began the Live On One Planet challenge last year, she did one key thing to keep her family of five on track: she duct taped all their taps except one! The family were embarking on the “Live On One Tap” option of the challenge, aiming to use only one tap in their household for all their water needs for five whole days.

Ann says: “We chose the one tap option as we thought one powerpoint would be impossible. It turned out to be not too hard, yet every time to carted a bucket of water from the shower to do the dishes it was a good reminder of how easy things are for us. Probably just letting all the clothes washing accumulate for five days made it easier!”

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Cold sponge baths and 15 meals of kale: Living On One Planet!

Ann Hasen got the duct tape out to make sure her family stuck to the "live on one tap" challenge! 


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